Barley Pop
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Barley Pop at King Street Blues

Barley Pop, full frontal


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About the Band:

Comprised mostly of former members of the band Pest Strips,
this original band is spear-headed by
Bob Shellhouse (guitar) and Jim Higley(lead vocals). Rounding out
the rythym section is Bill Plank (drums) and Brian "Clutch" McMahon (bass).
The main focus of this band is to record a CD of original
music. The majority of the songs to be used on the CD have
all ready been written, and now the process of "crafting" has
begun, in preparation for a future recording date(s). In the
Interim, this band can play about 2 hours of music
(padded with some covers) or 1 hour of original music.
We have opened for other bands and played a couple of parties.
Despite the seriousness of the project, the band is pretty much
a collection of wise-cracking caterwaulers.

For contact, please email us at to be added to the Barley Pop mailing list.

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