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Dan Cunningham (DC) has been playing on and off for 35 years. Within in the last 8 years he has played in local bands (The Rivieras) and as a solo acoustic guitarist/singer (has a regular gig at Potbelly’s). His enthusiastic tenor gives DC-4 the necessary lift to tackle the high voice “ear candy” of the 60’s (Beatles, et al). His clear delivery is a welcome contrast to Brian’s low voice and throaty harmonies. His musical tastes extends into the 90’s when playing his solo gigs, however the DC-4 has kept him more or less in the realm of songs he grew up with, some of which are no longer on the radio but deserve their place in rock history if not your local bar. “Dan-o” likes to keep the audience dancing — even more he likes surprising them with the diversity of the DC-4 repertoire, so just when you think DC-4 is a Beatles tribute band he’ll launch into a Talking Heads number. While teetering on the edge of reckless abandon, you will rarely hear him sound anything less than professional.

Brian “Flex” McMahon has been playing bass guitar in area bands for 18 years. He brings with him vocal lead and harmony ability. His ability to play other instruments (guitar, drums, keys, etc) allows him to communicate with fellow band members easily and has probably been “instrumental” in keeping the band a cohesive unit. He leads a normal life otherwise as a computer consultant. His mission in music is to find lost song chestnuts and bring them back to life for the audience, which will hopefully be left with the feeling “I can't believe they played that song, nobody does that.” Other musical goals are achieving 2 and 3-part harmony whenever possible. These goals and the experience to know what the audience wants are key elements of kinship within DC-4 that keeps the whole unit motivated and successful.

Dave “Jurasic” Purol is an accomplished guitarist with over 30 years on the instrument. He can play a variety of styles and has played just about everything (from Heavy Metal to Soft Rock). In his spare time he works at the patent office as an inspector of inventions. He is an electronic wizard and is an ace in the studio, both with his guitar technique and know-how of recording equipment, software and effects. He has released several CDs (Euphoria, Betatron 13, Stretching Regular) and regularly receives royalties from radio airplay and digital distribution. He tends to learn songs note for note before adding his own touches and in so doing adds the “goose bump” element to a lot of DC-4’s classic songs. The challenge of singing harmony for the first time in a live band has peaked his interest, plus the opportunity to play some rare gems from the 60’s and 70’s. His long-term goal is to become an outdoorsman, having almost mastered the art of indoorsmanship.

Dave Runner is the drummer and foundation of DC-4. He has performed in various music groups over a span of 35 years. Accused of being a “slave to the record,” this never-the-less guarantees a degree of authenticity to DC-4’s music, and he is adamant about the band keeping the correct tempo. Authenticity and tempo were a big part of one of Dave’s recent music careers. He directed and performed in Civil War Reenactment fife and drum corps for 12 years. Dave has been playing the drum set on and off for years. He has recently got back into rock and roll and is meticulous in his approach to music and maintenance of his finely tuned drums. While Dave’s day job as a government Contracting Officer fits his methodical approach, it is a perfect foil to the more happy-golucky members of the band (Dan and Brian), keeping them grounded in the tight rhythms and seamless grooves necessary to keep people’s toes tapping and heads bopping. Serious in his performance, he, like other members of the group, laughs easily and jokes readily, which is why, like his playing, is a perfect fit into the DC-4 equation. For booking information, contact Dan Cunningham — 703-685-4242 or Brian McMahon —571-243-3447. DC-4 Member Biographies







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Dan Cunningham Dan Cunningham (DC #1), Plays rhythm guitar and sings lead


Blues Man Filler - The obscure garage Rock Band
The rest of the band (DC #2, #3 and #4)) is made of the band FILLER. We are a 3-piece and we strive to 60's and 70's garage rock. However, we moonlight in the "cleaner" version of the band, The DC4 with Dan in front. Jeff Hill - Drums, Dave Purol-Lead Guitar, Brian "Flex" McMahon - Bass. Click on Picture for more info on Filler.

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