Five Year Plan Web Page
Grateful Dead/Regaee Cover Band

Jeff (drums) Alex (guitar) Flex(bass)

Guest Keyboardist Brian Dietch with Jeff

Dave Purol, Guest Guitarist (also Filler's Lead guitarist)

Bassist/Drummer/Guitarist Brian McMahon

Five Year Plan Song Snippets:

Golden Road       I Know You Rider

Walking On The Moon     Cold Rain & Snow

Five Year Plan Song Downloads:

Golden Road(to unlimited Devotion)

I Know You Rider (traditional)

Cumberland Blues (Grateful Dead)

The Candy Man(Grateful Dead)

About the Band:

A very casual jam-type band, we named ourselves 4 years ago
with the projected timeframe we'd put together enough
songs to play out. We've now accomplished that, though we
probably only really know about 15 songs(2 hours of music).
The core of the band is made up of Alex Bryan(guitar/vocals),
Jeff Hill(bass/drums), and Brian (bass/drums). From this nucleus
we preceded to learn a couple of Grateful Dead tunes, with Jeff
alternating with Brian on drums and bass. Alex is also plays
drums and percussion, and lately we've added some Regaee
to the mix. We are fortunate to occasionally be joined
by various percussionists (Ken Nottingham and David Powers),
lead guitarists(Dave Purol and Chris), bassists (Steve Peluso)
keyboardists (Brian Dietch) and others.
We play open mikes and will be playing at least one outdoor
event on August 21st, Endless Summer Festival). If you
have a party which requires psychedelic overtures,
we're your band, the band with the plan.

For contact, please email us at to be

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