The Special Guests
60's-90's Harmony-driven Pop

Flex (vocals, guitar) Becky (vocals) Nathan (vocals, percussion)

Becky and Nathan (Juke Jumpers)


Lets Get Together

About the Band:

The nucleus of the band has always been Brian McMahon (guitar, vocals)
Becky (vocals,bass,percussion,keys) and Nathan (vocals,percussion/drums))
Occasionally we play parties or events, or as part of the
50's Rock-a-billy group, The Juke Jumpers (Becky Nathan Bert)
Other *Special Guests* have been drummer Jeff Hill, we are joined
bassist Rich Gleichman and Larry Paul, Lead Guitarist Bert Huser.
We are currently in the where-are-they-now file, but frequent
reunions bring forth our blend of 3-part harmony to the
likes of The Beatles, Monkees and many, many others, both classic
rock and Contemporary.

Special Guest/Juke Jumpers Songlist in Word

For contact, please email us at to be

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