Tie Dyes
A collection of my work

Vikki Blankenship

Brian, Rear View


Vikki with her own creation

Jeff's homemade shirt

nice view

Acadia Park

the Sandy Beach

a cool drink of water

I'll have mine on the rocks


The Gordon Fisherman, Eastport

boats in the mist

the Ferry ride to Deer Island

Campobella Island, Canada

FDR's house

South Quoddy, Canada

the path to the Quoddy lighthouse, low tide

were nets for catching Sardines

South Quoddy, Lighthouse

Quoddy Head Park - Lubec, Maine

Into the MISTique

They call me mellow yellow

Quody Head Park - Awesome!


Off in the distance, a monster...

Eastport...A whale of a time

Finback Whale, Eastport

Little Deuce Coupe


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